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Hello everyone my name is Kontar Joyner. I am currently enrolled in ENT 600:Entrepreneurial Planning. I would like to introduce a person that I admire her name is Nykole Wyatt. She is a Successful Author, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker, and Speaker, Motivator.

Link to the full interview https://youtu.be/D1N5Y85IAAI

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AVL Marketing ~ an interview

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Katie Cleary is a natural when it comes to marketing. She gets it. She get’s the businesses she’s representing; and even better, she get’s the people she’s connecting those businesses to.

To be honest, marketing is not my favorite subject. And it was unfair to Katie, I know, but I came to the interview expecting a conversation about markets and ratios and target populations. With a comfortable ease, Katie immediately drew me into her vision of what marketing really is. She has an innate enthusiasm for what she does and it became immediately clear that she’s done her homework and she knows what she’s talking about.

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Entrepreneur Interview with Laura Macek of Sewing Arts Studio

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On Becoming an Entrepreneur; A Discussion with Laura Macek of Sewing Arts Studio
By Tracy Brener

How do you start your own business? Well some people just fall into it, like Laura Macek, owner of Sewing Arts Studio, located Pineville, North Carolina. Her business was in operation from July 2005 to July 2008.

Laura and her husband had an opportunity come their way that they just couldn’t pass up. The couple was approached about becoming a dealer (kind of like franchise) for a Japanese company that manufactured and sold a line of home sergers and sewing machines. Looking for an “escape from corporate America”, the couple decided to open their doors as Sewing Arts Studio. The two felt the business would be a vehicle that would get them out of the boardroom and into Main Street. Laura’s over 20 years in the accounting industry complemented her husband’s career in the Marketing field, providing a great foundation for starting their own business.

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