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Entrepreneurship Interviews: A Conversation with The Last Minute Press Release (L.M.P.R.) Group

The Press Release Group talks with us about their unique approach to and . Flying in the face of conventional wisdom regarding this industry, the L.M.P.R. is building its work on two trends of contemporary human behavior, procrastination and insufficient to get needs and wants met, personally and professionally.

Who is L.M.P.R.?

L.M.P.R. is a collaborative of advertising and marketing professionals who seek to exploit the cultural norm of the U.S. to do things needed and wanted at the last minute. As procrastination is a huge human problem or asset depending on how you respond or react to it, Last Minute Press Release or Last Minute Publicity & Response uses delay as the way to advertise. The group is still deciding on what L.M.P.R. will stand for. However, the last minute ain’t going nowhere!

We represent a range of fields from information technology and financial services to health care and commodities. What is key about us is that we recognize the biggest industry has been and will remain advertising and marketing until everything is free, people have unlimited money, or people just steal everything!

What is the current state of advertising and marketing?

Well, of course, social technology that utilizes social media tools via the Internet are the dominate substance and style of advertisement. While traditional print media like direct mail, flyers, newspaper & magazine ads are still important, having a nexus of socializing powered by technology has opened unprecedented opportunities for advertising and marketing. While it has been recognized little, affiliate marketing has also increased substantially in recent years. From Amazon to Wal-Mart, word of mouth marketing has been upgraded by affiliate programs.

It seems rather counter-intuitive to advertise and market “last-minute”. What about the dynamics of time as related to product, service, or company exposure validates your style of “A&M”?

People continually complain of not having enough money or time. Businesses often fail due to a lack of planning and start-up capital. What if a company offered products and services that leveraged these realities instead of trying to change the reality? What if it operated from the fact that consumers look to meet their needs and wants not through planning but reaction? The company becomes an extension of the way an individual or company has providing the substance to their style.

What research or trends regarding human behavior and schema did your company rely on to come up with your unique service model?

Stress, excessive rather than catalytic, dominates the existence of people. We observe the speed at which people operate personally and professionally. Despite the rapid pace at which people move, they seem to get less done and operate from a perspective and position of being behind. While we are hopeful for meaningful change regarding this situation, we will operate from the current reality. Because individuals and businesses suffer from a lack of comprehensive planning, we offer a unique benefit.

Are there any emerging advertising and marketing types businesses should know about to use to market their prospective clients?

Yes. Businesses, even small ones, that market their products locally, nationwide, and globally will have an advantage over those who don’t. While it is sometimes appropriate, in a global economy, a business should operate globally. As historically poor countries move towards creating a middle class as the United States did after World War II, they will have massive consumption needs. While a company may be based out of the United States, the biggest emerging middle-class lies in Asia. Taking advantage of this trend as American consumption decreases due to debt and the absence of easy credit, other nations will and must step up.

Any Parting Advice?

Yes. Don’t be afraid to stand out, stand up, and show out! Advertising and marketing is all about connecting with people in ways that resonate with who they are or think they are. If you are willing to promote yourself while being and advocate for your potential customers you can advertise who they are or want to be. Who does this truth not speak to? Remember, there is no minute like the last minute!


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