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Entrepreneurship Interviews: A Conversation with Prince John Gaither-Eli, C.E.O. of Sovereign Global

Interview with Prince John Gaither-Eli_Part 1 Interview with Prince John Gaither-Eli_Part 2   by Takenya Allison

Prince John Gaither-Eli is the founder and C.E.O. of Sovereign Global, a health & wealth company that operates in a number of industries around the world. Operating from the”servant perspective”, S.G. seeks to meet both the needs and wants of clients around the world regarding the two most precious assets we all have, health and wealth. S.G. operates a number of subsidiary companies in various fields. The latest to open is Sovereign & . Based in the U.S., S.I.A.M. seeks to introduce the tactics, tools, and techniques on wealth accumulation, protection, and transfer used for centuries to create financial independence.
Rooted in the “We The People” focus exemplified by the life and work of Americans like Martin Luther King, Jr. Fannie Lou Hamer, and Robert Kennedy as well as famous entrepreneurs like Ben Franklin, Charles Schwab, and Robert Kiyosaki, Prince John seeks to exploit the latent synergy between investing, philantrophy, and to address the growing problem of in the United States of America and abroad. He has several projects in beta to serve the needs of four underserved or misserved markets(see below). He is very concerned about  the world being left to the young with so many problems with a particular focus on debt.
1. U.S. Middle-Class 2. College Students 3. Underclass (Urban & Rural Poor) 4. Newborns
 On October 1, 2011, Prince John launched his newest project, I.C.E. This project’s first program is M.I.3 (Millionaire in 3 Years). Utilizing his “referrals and networks” and “development encompassing virtually everyone, everywhere, and everything” philosophies, he hopes to create more infinaires than anyone in the U.S. and abroad. On the same day, he launched his e-letter for his clients, “The Living Years” which offers insights on insurance, investing, and health. He feels his first occupation, a servant, is the way to achieve this. Look to his blog, “The Sovereign”  for details on these projects and more ( Listen to his “Soundtrack of Wealth” powered by Grooveshark. He adds a new song to his playlist every week that speaks to the spirit of wealth creation: The soundtrack’s first song is “Dreamin” by Usher. He definitely has the spirit of a sovereign hustler!

Copyright 2011 by Takenya Allison & Prince John Gaither-Eli


About Prince John Gaither-Eli

Prince John Gaither-Eli ( is a global investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Seeking to engage and synergize the relationship between investing, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship, the “entrepreneurial philanthropist” or “philanthropic entrepreneur” works to eradicate chronic poverty, disease, and intractable leadership across the globe. With experience in a range of fields from conflict resolution, community & economic development, and geopolitical analysis, he desires to fulfill humanity's greatest occupation, a servant.

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