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AVL Marketing ~ an interview

is a natural when it comes to . She gets it. She get’s the businesses she’s representing; and even better, she get’s the people she’s connecting those businesses to.

To be honest, marketing is not my favorite subject. And it was unfair to Katie, I know, but I came to the expecting a conversation about markets and ratios and target populations. With a comfortable ease, Katie immediately drew me into her vision of what marketing really is. She has an innate enthusiasm for what she does and it became immediately clear that she’s done her homework and she knows what she’s talking about.

To Katie (and AVL Marketing, the company for which she works), marketing is more about telling a story than pushing a product or service. They utilize an innovative approach called archetypal analysis to help identify for a business those customers who really have the most influence on the larger customer base, then develop a series of strategies to speak to these “archetypal” folks. I always knew there was psychology in marketing, but I have to say, when a marketer starts quoting C. G. Jung and Joseph Campbell I start listening!

To here what she had to say about archetypal analysis, the “right” use of social media, video ad targeting, and more…check out the video of our interview.


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