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“Believe in what you are doing” – my interview with agricultural entrepreneur Sam Dobson of Dobson Farms

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Statesville Record & Landmark feature on Sam Dobson’s Grass-fed Beef Operation.

Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview today. Could you please tell us about yourself?

Sure. Sam Dobson from the northern part of Iredell County. I think I’m the tenth generation on this dairy and now, grass-fed beef farm. We’ve been in the dairy business since 1939, and before that we farmed the traditional cotton and tobacco, and maybe some small grains since the late 1700’s. We have transitioned over the last few years after looking at organic dairying, and transitioning with that process as well as starting a grass-fed beef part of the operation in 2006. We’re moving forward with that. I’m married – I have a wife Sherry, and one son Chase, who’s five; so there’s another generation coming along! And we just kind of hang out here on the farm and try to make things go.

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