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SME Interview: James McManus of 153 Charters and McManus Construction

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James McManus is a very good friend of mine and I was excited to have the opportunity to interview with him about his two businesses because I had never really gotten to talk with him about either of them other than the usual, “How is work going? What all do you have going on this week?” James initially started with McManus Construction and, when the housing market crashed, he jumpstarted 153 Charters in order to make up for the lack of jobs. Even though things in the housing market have picked up, he continues to run both businesses on a regular basis. Some days he is taking materials out to his guys at a job location and other days he is getting up super early to take groups out on one of the lakes in the surrounding areas. I chose to interview with James because of the fact that he runs two separate businesses due to the fact that, if I ever ran a business of my own, I feel that I would like to have more than one.