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ENT 610 SME Interview with Peggy and Jon Fischrupp by Mary Schuler

Published by:

Peggy & Jon C. Fischrupp

377 Ridge Lane

Murphy, NC 28906




  1. How did you start your entrepreneurial ventures?


After graduating from the University of Wisconsin I went to work for Advance Construction Co. in Hinsdale, Illinois.  I had previously worked for that Company during my summers at college.  After a year experience I was chosen by the President to start a separate division for them, later called Advance Valve Installations.  After another two years, an engineering friend of mine, and me, were going to start a competing business.  Instead we formed a three way partnership. Several years later I sold my interest in that business and moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to start a similar business with additional interests.  After that relationship failed I started another similar business with four other partners.  My brother-in-law and I later bought out the partnership.  Several years later we sold the business to a Public Company in Kansas who wanted to get into our type of business.  Once they purchased our Company my wife and I continued to be the operating management team for the next twenty years until we retired.

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