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Mike Ciochetti of Heaven’s Landing

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Mike Ciochetti of Heaven’s Landing

Note: The introduction is at a higher audio level than the actual interview. You will need to turn up the volume to hear the interview.

Mike Ciochetti is a former race-car driver on the ARCA circuit. With that lifestyle came a need to be more mobile. So, Mike became a pilot. The problem was that the nearest airport to his home was 25 miles away. So, he eventually found an area near his home and thought about putting in his own personal airstrip. His original plans were for his own private estate, but he was injured and was no longer able to race. So, he and several investors bought the property where he had originally planned to put his own runway and Heaven’s Landing was born. Heaven’s Landing is a fly-in  gated community that allows owners to either house their planes in hangers built on to their homes, or at a hanger complex near their runway. Places like this give the daily commute a whole new meaning.

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