ENT600-50 SME Interview of Megan Milar by Kristen Gaul

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Interview of Megan Milar by Kristen Gaul 9/26/16

I took a relaxed, informal but professional approach to my interview of Megan Milar. Megan is a life-long friend of a co-worker and close friend of mine. I have been hearing about Megan and her business ventures for years but had never met or spoken with her prior to this interview. We happen to live within a few minutes of each other so we met at the neighborhood coffee shop in Montgomery (Cincinnati) Ohio.

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Insight into Labor Law: SME Interview with Attorney Evelyn Munoz -Compton…

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Evelyn Munoz -Compton, practicing attorney in the state of New York, shares her experience and insight on Labor Law in the following interview:

Interview by: Tamika Johnson

Tell me about your experience in labor law (how many years, own practice, Etc.).

I was employed in Labor and Employment Law from 2008 -2013 in the Postal Service Law Department.  Afterwards, I did a brief stint at the Department of Veterans Affair as a Human Resources/Labor Relations Specialist and then was an EEOC Investigator for the Postal Service in 2015.  From May 2013 through January 2015, I was in private practice with my husband and handled employment issues as well.

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