Interview with Gina Mote

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SME Interview

Gina Mote and her husband Kevin Mote have been working in different areas of advertising and marketing for the past 20 years. Kevin’s advertising career is highly decorated and has worked for large corporations as well as received notable awards. His work is geared towards communicating messages clearly, entertainingly, memorably, and consistently but felt his wife Gina would be better suited for this interview. Gina is the Vice President/Media Director for The Barber Shop Marketing in Dallas, Texas and specifically caters to businesses that need marketing assistance. Her clients include established businesses as well as start-up companies.

Currently, I am in the process of receiving my Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and have only fantasized about running my very own business. I conveyed my business plan to Gina and then asked her to give me some marketing tips to put my ideas into reality.

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