Interview with Heath Nettles, Social Media Manager at Mission Health

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Heath Nettles

Heath Nettles is the Social Media Manager for Mission Health. He holds a Master in Business Administration from Western Carolina University. Heath has been with the Mission Health Marketing and Communications Department for several years and has demonstrated flexibility and dedication in the ever changing and disrupted environment of healthcare.
He enjoys his challenging career at Mission Health. We have had the pleasure of working together when the Pet Therapy program is promoting a fund raiser or the Marketing Department is focusing on a pet related story to engage or introduce the public to the organization.
Heath is involved in uniform messaging initiatives as Mission Health has integrated with regional hospitals and practices. He is involved in selecting vehicles for messaging while analyzing return on investment results using various metrics. To accomplish this, a variety of dash boards and monitoring processes are utilized. Health works closely with the Risk Management Department to assure industry regulations are being met and standards are upheld.
Our discussion turned to the topic of outsourcing marketing needs versus keeping services in-house. It appears that Mission Health has determined that keeping marketing and communications services in-house is more cost effective and efficient than outsourcing.
Heath shared that he and the department recently participated in an information system audit that examined items such as: disclaimers, social media, inbox procedures, on-line security and measurable results. He enjoys the challenges of the fast-paced environment and staying updated on the latest platforms and technology. Heath sees the future of social media in healthcare going towards the mobile market. I enjoyed conducting this interview with Heath Nettles and learning about the important role social media plays in healthcare.

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Interview with Gretchen Filz, Marketing Manager at Trinity Road, LLC

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Gretchen Filz, Marketing Manager of Trinity Road company in Charlotte, North Carolina. A mutual friend of ours brought us together, and I’m grateful for her marketing expertise on social media, with digital media, and beyond.

Below is the recorded phone interview we had. I hope you gain some great insight on this particular topic!

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Grindstaff ENT645 SME Interview

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Grindstaff ENT 645 July 2015

Subject Matter Expert Interview

Jerri Jameson

06 July 2015


Jerri Jameson is currently the Director for Marketing and Communications at Mission Health. In this role her duties include developing and framing all communications messages to the external world regarding anything related to Mission Health. Her background includes print and broadcast media most recently she was the news director for a cluster of radio stations in the greater Asheville area; prior to that she held the positon of Vice President of Marketing for a major, international manufacturing company. Her education includes degrees in both business administration and broadcasting making her choice to be a subject matter expert an obvious one to me in the fact that she handles the daily messages for the entire health system’s brand and public relations promotions.

Fortunately I knew Ms. Jameson from our work together at Mission Health over the past five to six years so there wasn’t much need to break the ice but rather I just outlined the purpose of the ENT assignment and thus the subject matter expert interview. She was very excited to hear about and wanted to learn more about the Entrepreneur program so I gave her a brief overview of it and how I was using each of the classes related to my position with Air Medical. We discussed how this particular class, ENT645, was proving to be extremely valuable for the Air Medical program’s marketing plan.

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